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Plastic Bags & Films
    Banana Bunch Covers
    Blue PE bags used to improve banana's quality, appearance and protect from birds and pests. Available in tie or regular bags, bundle or loose bags. Also known as protective bags for banana cultivation
    Compost & Forage Bags
    Heavy-duty PE bags, mono or bi-color, for packing horticultural products, organic mixes and hydroponic media: compost, top soil, potting soil, peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, pumice, sand products, bark landscaping mulch, wood chips and fertilizers
    Grapevine Cover Film
    Co-extruded plastic films for covering vineyards; regular or thermal PE covers to prevent grape vine from freezing in winter, optimize light transmittance and minimize temperature
    Greenhouse Plastic
    Strong and durable co-extruded plastic PE greenhouse covers. Regular or thermal film tailored to special applications and climatic conditions
    Ground Cover Film
    Co-extruded UV-stabilized PE ground covers to increase photosynthesis and protect from soil-borne diseases
    Hay Bale Plastic Wrap
    PE hay bale cover to protect from climatic conditions during winter and summer seasons
    Hydroponic Gully Film
    Co-extruded UV-stabilized PE films to maximize light reflection with white layer promoting growth and prevent weed growth
    Low Tunnel Film
    Co-extruded PE low tunnel films to protect the crop against climate aggressions and insects as well as get earlier higher crop yield
    Mulch Film
    Standard and high performance co-extruded mulch films to enhance the fresh produce growth, yield and quality
    Shrink Film
    Clear or printed shrink wrap film and shrink hood rolls with excellent shrinking ratio to ensure product stability during frequent transport and product protection against shock and sun radiation
    Silage Cover
    Multi-layer PE films used to protect all types of livestock forage stored in silage pits, bunkers, flat silos and haystacks. UV-stabilized films to last up to 12 & 18 months
    Soil Disinfection Film
    Co-extruded PE-based film used for disinfecting the soil, protecting the environment and prohibiting destruction of beneficial organisms. Available in solarization or regular film. Also known as fumigation film
    Stand Up Pouch
    Laminated printed stand-up pouch in Form Fill Seal rolls or pre-formed bags bottom gusset, for retail sale of plant supplements, fertilizers, compounds, soil additives and nutrients
    Water Membrane
    PE pond liners used for potable water, waste water, fish and frog raising
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